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Twitter Ads Policies

This policy applies to Twitter’s paid advertising products, which are Tweets, trends and accounts marked with a yellow or purple badge.

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Twitter Trends appear alongside every user’s timeline, and represent emerging popular topics. Promoted Trends occupy the top spot among a user’s trends, and can receive massive exposure. To ensure that users see trends that are legible and relevant, we've developed a set of editorial and content guidelines to which your Promoted Trend must comply. 

Editorial guidelines

  • Your Promoted Trend may not contain excessive capitalization, as this can appear spammy to users.
  • While a Promoted Trend may contain punctuation, symbols or spaces, please know that the same term will not trend organically. This is due to the fact that, except in Promoted Trends, including punctuation, symbols, or spaces in a hashtag will break up the hashtag. Numbers in hashtags are okay (e.g. #ToyStory3)
    • For example: you might create the Promoted Trend #salt&pepper. If you then use #salt&pepper in an organic tweet, the hashtag will appear as #salt. To ensure that your Promoted Trend is able to trend organically, do not include punctuation, symbols or spaces in your Promoted Trend.
  • Your Promoted Trend name length cannot exceed ~20 characters. Since not every character is the same width, your actual character limit will vary.

Content guidelines

  • Your Promoted Trend may not imply affiliation or partnership with Twitter, other organizations or individuals without permission. Read more here.
  • Your Promoted Trend must be relevant to your product/service or brand
  • Your Promoted Trend may not contain adult sexual content
  • Your Promoted Trend may not contain profanity or offensive language

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