Followers dashboard

The Followers dashboard is a real-time look at your follower growth and demographics, providing insight into the location, gender, and interests of your followers.


1. See when your existing followers started following you.

2. Discover the top interests that distinguish your followers from the Twitter average. This section shows the interests that make your followers unique to you, compared to the Twitter average.

3. See where your followers are from by country and state. This section breaks down where your followers are located. For the US, this is broken down by state.

4. Break your followers up by gender. By hovering over gender, you can see how many of your followers are female or male.

5. Gain insight into the accounts with whom you share the most followers. This list displays the accounts your followers also follow.

Pro Tips

  • All data points act as a filter—click on one and you can isolate for that data point.

  • When clicking on a filter, data points will be color coded in red or green to show if that particular metric has risen or decreased in importance.

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