Timeline activity dashboard

The timeline activity dashboard complements the Promoted Tweet dashboard by showing you what's working, Tweet by Tweet, for both your regular and Promoted Tweets.


1. View the number of mentions, follows and unfollows of your account, displayed in 6 hour increments

Follow: A follower is another Twitter user who has followed you.

Unfollow: An unfollow is when a user ceases to follow your account. Your tweets will no longer appear in their timeline.

Mention: Mentioning another user in your Tweet by including the @ sign followed directly by their username is called a "mention." Also refers to Tweets in which your username was included.


2. Measure how your Tweets are performing by number of favorites, retweets and replies. This calculates both organic and promoted activity.


3. Promoted Tweets are highlighted with a yellow "Promoted" icon. If the yellow is slightly duller, this means the Tweet is no longer promoted. Underneath the Tweet is information about the campaigns in which the Tweet was Promoted, when the promotion started and whether or not the Tweet was for Promoted-Only delivery.


4. Clicks refer to any link in a Promoted Tweet. All links are wrapped with a t.co link.


Pro Tips

  • Iterate! Timeline Activity shows how every single one of your Tweets—organic and promoted—are performing. Work out how different wording and content affects Mentions, Follows, Unfollows and more.

  • Toggle to the "best view" and see what these tweets have in common.

    • Are you tweets with hashtags performing better or worse than others?

    • Does adding links to articles, videos or pictures increase Retweets or Replies?

    • Is one of your organic tweets resonating well? Consider promoting it in your campaign.

  • Monitor your campaign goals! Depending on the goal of your campaign—whether it's to increase your followers, or to create a wide-spread branding campaign— you may be more concerned about follow numbers vs. retweet numbers. Here, we break down those metrics to make sure your Tweets are achieving the right campaign goals.

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