Build your base

Engage your audience to keep them coming back.

Your Tweets are a direct line between you and your audience. Let them see what you’re made of with messages that are both engaging and timely. We’ll show you how:

1. Be a good listener.

Look for Tweets that include your company name, products or services to keep your finger on the pulse of what your customers are saying about you. Comments from customers will help you measure real-time sentiment and make informed decisions about the content you share. 
More about listening  (

2. Find your voice.

It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. Customers will find you more relatable if your Tweets are authentic, conversational and responsive to their questions or current events.

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3. Be strategic.

Twitter happens in real time, but some of the best strategies and tactics come from thoughtful planning. To help you build your content calendar, consider things like special promotions, behind-the-scenes photos or helpful tips that you can turn into a weekly series. You can also think about how Twitter can amplify important milestones like product launches, events and anniversaries. More about content planning.

4. Go viral.

Help your followers spread the word about you by sharing messages they’ll want to retweet. People are more likely to share and respond to Tweets that inspire or entertain them, solve a problem or answer a question. The most retweeted Tweets also tend to include a photo, video, link or quote. More about Tweeting something shareable.

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