Safety as a Partnership

Knowledge is key to staying safe and in control of your Twitter experience.

Twitter’s Role

Twitter works to keep its users safe by using both automated and manual systems to evaluate reports of potential violations of the Twitter Rules or Terms of Service.

We also collaborate with experts to provide critical resources to those in need and to help promote upstanding digital citizenship both on Twitter and the Internet as a whole. To these ends, we’ve establish the Safety Center to provide safety tips for everyone.

The User’s Role

You can control your experience on Twitter by familiarizing yourself with the privacy and safety settings on the platform. In the meantime, be prudent about what you share and learn about what you should do if you encounter an issue. Although unfollowing or blocking someone is often enough to resolve a conflict, we encourage people to file a report if they find someone violating the Twitter Rules or Terms of Service so that we can investigate the situation and take action accordingly.