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Twitter Ads profile guidelines

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Updated November 13, 2013

Twitter Ads Policies

This policy applies to Twitter’s paid advertising products, which are Tweets, trends and accounts.

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As an advertiser, your account will have increased visibility on Twitter. As such, we’ve developed a set of guidelines to which your account must comply.

Being transparent and honest about your business and what you’re promoting provides a positive user experience. We’ve also found that users are more likely to engage with accounts that provide accurate and updated profile information.

This article lists specific policies for the profile attributes users see when advertisers use our Promoted Account advertising product. Advertisers using any of Twitter's Ads must adhere to these and all other Twitter Ads policies in order to advertise.


 Having a clear Twitter username helps users understand what your product or service is. Your Promoted Account username may not contain profanity or offensive language.

If you’d like to change your username, please see here.
If you need to report a trademark policy violation involving your brand, please see here.

Profile Photo

 Your account must contain a profile picture that’s relevant to your product or brand. Additionally, the picture must comply with the following:

  • No animated images (animated GIFs)
  • No nudity or adult sexual content
  • No prohibited products
  • No profanity or offensive language

Header Photo

If you upload your own header image, the picture must comply with the same guidelines as the profile picture.



The name field allows you to provide a more detailed name for your business or product/service than your username is able to convey. Your name must comply with the following:

  • Must be the name of your business, or be relevant to your product/service
  • Must be substantially similar to the name on your website’s landing page
  • Must not contain profanity or offensive language


Users like to know where you’re from, and providing an accurate location will make your account more relevant to local users. Your location should comply with the following:

  • Must be a valid location
  • Must be in a standard location format. For example: ‘City, State’ 


Providing a link to your website is an opportunity to provide users with rich information about your business and to establish legitimacy with them. Your website must comply with the following:

  • Must be valid and may not lead to a non-functioning site
  • Must be relevant to the product or brand you are promoting


Your bio gives you a chance to tell users about yourself in 160 characters or less. This information will appear at the top of your profile underneath your name. Your bio must comply with the following:

  • Must be relevant to your product or brand
  • Must not contain any profanity or offensive language 

Have questions or feedback about something on this page?

If you are an advertiser whose account or Tweets are under review and you would like to check on the status or request an expedited review, please log in to and file a support ticket using the Help? button in the top right corner of your ads dashboard.

Learn more about blocking or dismissing ads by reading Reporting Twitter Ads. To report an ad that is potentially violating these policies, use the Report an Ad form.

Using Twitter Ads Policy, the Twitter Rules and our Terms of Service, we will examine reported violations and take appropriate action.

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