Reporting impersonation accounts

Impersonation is a violation of the Twitter Rules. Twitter accounts portraying another person in a confusing or deceptive manner may be permanently suspended under the Twitter Impersonation Policy.

Who can report an impersonation account?

Twitter's policies require that impersonation reports come from the individual being impersonated or someone legally authorized to act on his or her behalf. 

If you are reporting an account that is impersonating someone else, you will need to provide proof that you are authorized to act on their behalf. If you are attempting to report for another individual and you are not their legal representative, we will not take action on your removal request.

How do I report an impersonation violation?

You can file a report that a Twitter account is impersonating you by going to this page.

Please fill out the report completely, including a detailed description of the information on the account that shows a clear representation of your real identity. This could include information in the bio, links to Tweets or links to reproduced content.  This support article explains how to find a Tweet's status link. You do not need a Twitter account to make a report of impersonation on Twitter.

What happens when Twitter receives a valid report?

Upon receipt of an impersonation report from the individual being impersonated or a legally authorized representative, we will investigate the reported accounts to determine if the accounts are in violation of the Twitter Rules. Upon confirming the reporter’s identification, accounts determined to be in violation of our impersonation policy, or not in compliance with our parody/commentary policy, will either be suspended or asked to make edits.

Reporting an impersonation account is separate from account verification. This support article provides more information on verified accounts.

Can I request a specific username?

We're currently unable to accommodate individual requests for inactive or suspended usernames. We may release all inactive and/or suspended usernames in the future, but have not yet set a date for doing so. Follow @support to be updated when inactive usernames become available.

Twitter may be able to transfer a username under our trademark policy. If you are writing on behalf of a trademarked brand and would like to submit a request, please file a trademark ticket by clicking here.

Someone is using my email address, what can I do?

Are you trying to create a new account, but you're told your email address or phone number is already in use? This support article outlines reasons why this may happen and how to resolve the issue.

What if my company is being impersonated or my trademarked brand is being misused?

Companies and businesses should report accounts misusing their trademarks or brand by filing a complaint under our Trademark Policy. Please review the Trademark Policy page, as there is specific information we will need to process your claim.