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Notifications delivered as SMS text messages

Once you have a phone number attached to your account, you may choose to receive notifications delivered as SMS text messages alerting you to activity around your account (like Retweets, mentions, likes, etc.). If you don’t have a phone number attached to your account, you can find instructions here.

You can adjust your SMS notification settings:

Change notifications from

  1. Go to your Settings page.
  2. Click the Mobile tab.
  3. In the Text notifications section, check the boxes for each type of notification you would like to receive.
  4. For some notifications (such as mentions or Retweets), you can choose between receiving notifications Only from people I follow or From anyone.
  5. To turn off SMS text message notifications for your account activity, make sure all the boxes in the Text notifications section are unchecked and click Save changes
Note: You can also receive Tweet notifications from accounts you follow. To enable, visit their profile and click the gear icon  and then click Turn on mobile notifications. To turn off, click the gear icon, then click Turn off mobile notifications.

Change notifications via SMS

  • To turn Direct Message notifications on, send set messages on to your short code. 
  • To turn Direct Message notifications off, send set messages off to your short code.

General notifications:

  • To turn general notifications on, send ON to your short code.
  • To turn general notifications off, send OFF to your short code.
Note: If you attempt to change your SMS notification settings on or in Twitter for iOS or Android and receive a message that Only the account most recently linked to this phone number can receive SMS notifications, it means your phone number is linked to multiple accounts and only the most recently linked account can edit these settings. Learn more about linking a phone number to multiple accounts here.

Having trouble?

Visit our SMS Troubleshooting article for more information and tips.