About Twitter's suggestions for "people you may know"

What are "people you may know" suggestions?

"People you may know" are suggested accounts to follow. These suggestions are made based on the following relationships of people you already follow, email address book information, and many other factors. Since the suggestions are based on an algorithm, we do not know if you actually know these accounts.

Where can I see "people you may know" suggestions?

"People you may know" suggestions can appear in multiple places on Twitter and elsewhere. Here are some of the places you may see these suggestions:

  • In the Find friends section under the Discover tab
  • Email notifications (Note: You can control these types of emails in your notifications settings)
  • In prompts you see while using Twitter 
  • Elsewhere on Twitter where we suggest accounts for you to follow

I don’t want "people you may know" to find people based on contacts I’ve imported to Twitter from the Find friends page.

When you import your contacts through the Find friends section under the Discover tab, these contacts may appear in the "People you may know" section. Also, if someone else has imported their contacts and your email address is in their address book, you may see them as a suggestion.

You always have the option to remove your account from being discoverable by your email address. You can also delete previously imported contacts. For more information about being discoverable by your email address please see this article. For information about deleting previously imported contacts, see this article.

Also, you can always unsubscribe from "people you may know" suggestions emails by either clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email, or through your email notification settings.

"People you may know" is suggesting an account belonging to someone who is deceased.

Please report the account information to Twitter. This article explains how to submit a report.

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