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FAQs about top search results

What are "top" Tweets?

When you search on, you can filter your results by clicking Top, Live, Accounts, Photos, or Videos (located at the top of your search results). Clicking Top shows popular Tweets that many other Twitter users have engaged with and thought were useful. 

How are top Tweets selected?

We've built an algorithm that finds the Tweets that have caught the attention of other users. We do not hand-select top Tweets.

Why don't I see the Tweets I like in top Tweets?

Top Tweets are Tweets that lots of people are interacting with and sharing via Retweets, replies, and more. If Tweets you love aren't showing up as top Tweets, it means those Tweets may not be part of the widespread conversation. Click Live to see more Tweets matching your query. 

How can I make these top results go away, or come back?

You can change the type of search results you see by clicking the filters at the top of your search results. Select Live (or All Tweets if you’re on a mobile device) to see unfiltered results of Tweets matching your query.

What's the difference between top results and Promoted Tweets?

Promoted Tweets and top search results are similar in that they are both relevant to your query and share popularity and resonance among other users. Learn more about Promoted Tweets.

Why show top Tweets if they're not the most recent results for my search?

Some older results may be highlighted at the top because they have been determined to be of high value for your query. Our search engines have found those Tweets to be particularly relevant to the subject you’re looking for, even though they may not be the most recently posted Tweets. Click Live (or All Tweets if you’re on a mobile device) to view the rest of your search results in real-time order.

How are Tweets selected for the other filters?

From, click Accounts to see results of accounts that match your search query. Click Photos or Videos to see to top images and videos of popular media related to your search query. To see news results related to your query, click More options and then click News. Results are determined much in the same way as top Tweets.

Having trouble?

Check out our Search troubleshooting section for solutions to common problems.