Retweeting another Tweet

What is a Retweet?

A Tweet that you forward to your followers is known as a Retweet. You can use our built-in Retweet feature or you can manually Retweet content by copying and pasting it into a new Tweet of your own. Both are outlined below. 

    How to Retweet without adding your own commentary:

    1. Hover over a Tweet.
    2. Click the Retweet icon
    3. A pop-up will show you the Tweet you're about to Retweet and will ask you to confirm.
    4. Click the Retweet button.
    5. The Tweet will then be shared with all of your followers!

    How to undo a Retweet:

    1. Find the Retweet you’d like to undo.
    2. The Retweet icon will be highlighted. 
    3. Click the Retweet icon and the Tweet will be removed from your profile timeline. Note: Undoing a Retweet will remove it from other timelines, however it may still appear on mobile devices displaying cached timelines or in cross-postings to Facebook.

      How to Retweet and add your own comments (RT):

      1. Copy the content of the Tweet you'd like to share. (Note: this only works if the Tweet is much shorter than 140 characters. We recommend using the official Retweet button.)
      2. Open a new Tweet box and paste the content into the message.
      3. Add the letters RT and the Tweet author's @username to show that it's a Retweet and isn't your own content. 
      4. Add your comment at the beginning of the message. 
      5. Click Tweet to post the message to your followers.
      6. Note: You can undo a Retweet with comment by deleting it. Read more here.
      Note: The Quote Tweet feature is only available on our mobile apps at this time. If you want to quote a Tweet on the web, follow the steps listed above.

      Having trouble?

      Click here to view our troubleshooting articles about Tweets.