Learn and control your settings

Here are some things to be aware of to help you make smart choices when using Twitter

If you choose to have a public account, your Tweets are visible to all users, regardless of whether they are following you. Anyone will be able to retweet your content, which can lead to other users seeing the content.

By protecting your Tweets, you can limit access to who can see your Tweets.

Keep in mind, whether you are posting content on Twitter or another website, many search engines (e.g. Google, Yahoo!, Bing) may display your content in their search results. This means that your information or photo is not only up on the website you have chosen to use, but could also be discovered publicly by a search engine.


Sharing your location in Tweets

Twitter lets you select whether to include your whereabouts on each individual Tweet. Check out this support article to learn more about how to use the location feature on mobile devices.

While sharing your location allows your followers to comment and make recommendations on things to do or places to go near where you are, there are also risks involved with sharing your location publicly. Since you may not know all your followers, it’s a good idea to be conscious of what you are choosing to share. To learn more about tweeting your location, check out the Twitter support article on FAQs about Tweet location.


Know what information you are providing third-party applications

Other companies have developed applications to broaden your Twitter experience. Before connecting to a third-party application, be sure to visit their website and familiarize yourself with their Terms of Service. To learn more about authorizing an application, check out this article on how to connect and revoke third party applications.