Reporting private information posted on Twitter

Posting another person’s private and confidential information is a violation of the Twitter Rules. To read our policy regarding private information posted on Twitter, click here

Who can report a violation of posting private information?

For a report of private information posted on Twitter to be processed, the report must be filed by the individual whose information is posted or by their legally authorized representative. If you are not an authorized representative, but you are in contact with the individual, make sure the individual knows to file a report through our forms. We enforce this policy to prevent false or unauthorized reports.

Do I need to have a Twitter account to make a report?

You do not need to have a Twitter account to file a report that your private and confidential information has been posted on Twitter.

Can I report unauthorized posting of Copyrighted material?

If your copyrighted material has been Tweeted without your permission, please review our Copyright and DMCA policy page.  

What can I do if my information is posted on Twitter and other websites?

We cannot take down any information that is posted on a website other than Twitter. If your information is posted on another website, please contact the help center or support staff for the website where your information is posted.

How do I report that my private information is posted on Twitter?

You can file a report that someone has posted your private information by going to this page.

As part of the report, you must confirm,

  • that the private information contained in the reported Tweets belong to you; and
  • that you have not posted the reported information elsewhere on the internet.

If you are filing the report on behalf of someone else, you must confirm that you are legally authorized to act on behalf of the person for whom you are reporting. 

What happens when Twitter receives a valid report?

When we receive a complete and valid report that private information has been posted on Twitter, we’ll investigate the account and Tweets you reported. We will review where, if anywhere, the information has been made publicly available before taking action on the account or Tweets.  If the information you reported was previously posted elsewhere on the Internet, it is not a violation of our policy and we will not take action.

To learn more about protecting your private information on Twitter and other websites, click here.

To read our policy regarding private information posted on Twitter, click here.