Why can't I access my DMs from a third-party app?

As of June 30th 2011, Twitter is giving users more control over what information is shared with third-party applications:

  • Applications must specify whether or not they need to access your DMs. More information can be found on our blog.
  • Apps that you use to access your Direct Messages need to ask for your permission to access your DMs.
  • Applications that do not need access to your Direct Messages will no longer have it.
  • Your apps will otherwise function as they normally do.
  • Your Direct Messages will still be accessible to you on Twitter.com.

What to do if your app no longer displays your Direct Messages:

  1. If the app needs access to your Direct Messages, it will prompt Twitter to ask for your permission to do so. The app will direct you back to Twitter’s authorization page, pictured below.
  2. On that screen, click Authorize app. You must grant the application permission to access your DMs in order to see your Direct Messages from that app.
  3. If you have followed these steps and are still having problems with an application, please contact the staff behind your third party application.

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