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If you're having issues with a specific Tweet, make sure you're not using an SMS command.

If you're not able to tweet at all, you may be at your limit. Read more about limits.

If you're having this issue with one particular account, their Tweets may be protected and cannot be retweeted. Read more.

If you're unable to retweet anyone, you may have hit a limit. Read more about limits.

You can @reply or mention any user, but these will only be visible on certain parts of Twitter. Read more about where types of Tweets appear.

If you have general questions about @replies and mentions, check out our FAQ.

You can choose to protect your Tweets if you'd like to restrict access to only those you approve. Read more.

You can also block another account. Read more about what these options do.

Mass deletion of Tweets is currently not supported. If you'd like to get a fresh start on your account, please read this article for instructions on how to do so.

You can view up to 3200 of your most recent Tweets on twitter.com or our mobile apps. To view your complete Tweet history, you can request a copy of your Twitter archive in your account settings. Read more.

You can only send a direct message to a user who is following you; you can only receive direct messages from users you follow. Read more.

Both sent and received DMs can be deleted by either the sender or recipient. If neither you nor the person you were DMing with have deleted these DMs, please provide us with more information below.

Please read these articles for known issues affecting follower, following, or Tweet counts.

Support can only assist with official Twitter applications. Info on how to troubleshoot for third-party apps and third-party app contact info here.

Please read this article for more info.

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