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Unsafe links on Twitter

If you see a warning about an unsafe link on Twitter, this means the URL matches a database of potentially harmful URLs which may lead to malware, phishing or spam pages. You may see this warning when:

  • you Tweet a particular link
  • you add a particular link to your profile
  • you visit a particular link through Twitter's link service,

What's a potentially unsafe site?

Unsafe sites include phishing sites that attempt to steal your login information and password, sites that download malicious software onto your computer, or spam sites that request personal information. This could also mean the website was compromised at some point, and malware was embedded onto the website.

My website is being flagged as unsafe:

If you manage the website of a URL flagged as unsafe, contact Twitter Support. If the URL of the site you manage is being blocked, and you are completely sure that your site is not being used for abuse on Twitter, you can contact our Support team by filing a ticket here. In the Problematic link field, please insert the extended URL of the link you are having issues with, rather than a shortened version.

Why does Twitter flag URLs as unsafe?

Twitter Flags URLs for account security and user safety. Twitter blocks the posting of suspected malware URLs, and flags suspected harmful shortened URLs, in order to make Twitter more secure and to prevent phishing and scams. Twitter works with various external partners to evaluate links and whether or not they are safe. Our Safe Tweeting help page has more general information on keeping your account secure.

If you encounter spam or malware links:

Help keep Twitter spam-free by reporting spam or links directly from the offending account’s profile or Tweet(s). For more information and instructions, visit our Reporting spam on Twitter article.