I'm having trouble confirming my email address

Why it's so important to confirm your email address:

If you do not successfully confirm your email address, you will have limited access to certain features on Twitter, and you will not receive any email updates about the following

  • password reset information if you have forgotten your login information
  • new followers to your account
  • new direct messages in your inbox

If you got the email but cannot click the link to confirm:

If you are not able to click the link, copy the full URL from the email and paste it into a new web browser window. Or, click the Resend confirmation link in the yellow box shown below. We will send you a new link you can use to confirm your email. 

If you have not received the confirmation email:

Try the following:

  • Check your junk mail folder or spam filter.
  • Make sure your email address is entered correctly in your account settings.
  • Try resending the email by logging in and clicking the Resend confirmation link in the yellow nag at the top of your Twitter home page.
  • If you have multiple email addresses, try associating a different email address with your Twitter account. Email delivery to large domains (like Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail) is more consistent.

If you tried all of the above, but still cannot confirm your email:

  • Wait a few days, then click the 'Resend confirmation' link in the yellow nag at the top of your Twitter home page again. We send the emails immediately when you create your account, but it is possible that your email provider was temporarily blocking emails from us or delivery was delayed.
  • Lastly, try changing your account email, and use an email from a large domain (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.).

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