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Donations on Twitter

How do I make a donation on Twitter?

Certain charities are able to run donation campaigns within your Twitter timeline. Charity donations are available through the Donate button within the Tweet.

To donate:

  1. Tap the Donate button within the Tweet.
  2. You’ll be brought to an expanded description of the donation campaign.
  3. Choose your donation amount by tapping on it.
  4. Enter your payment information.
  5. Tap Donate [amount].
  6. That’s it! The charity will receive your donation and reach out directly with your confirmation.

Can I claim a tax deduction for this donation?

After you make a donation, you’ll receive a receipt from the charity confirming your charitable donation. Please refer to your local tax laws or speak with your tax advisor for more information regarding the deductibility of your donation.

Is the information I submit to make donations on Twitter secure?

We carefully protect the personal information you provide to make a donation on Twitter. Your payment information is encrypted and stored securely. Your credit card information isn’t shared with the charitable organization without your permission. For more information, you can review our Privacy Policy.

We do share information with the charity necessary to complete your donation, including your name, billing ZIP code and email address. The charity may use this information to send you marketing communications. Check the charity’s privacy policy for more details.

Will my credit card information be stored?

Your credit card information will be encrypted and safely stored, so you’re able to easily make donations on Twitter in the future. You can remove this information from your profile anytime you’d like.

To remove your credit card information from your profile, visit the Cards and Shipping tab within your Twitter settings.

Can I donate in my own country's currency?

At this time, you can only donate in US dollars. For users in countries outside the US, your transaction may be subject to additional fees, such as foreign transaction or currency exchange fees, by your credit card company. Check with your credit card provider for more information.

Will my donation be seen by others on Twitter?

Your donation will not be displayed on your timeline or your profile. You will have the opportunity to share information about the charity once you complete your donation, if you choose to. You can also always Tweet about your donation or Retweet the original donations Tweet.

Where can I find a receipt for my donation?

Once you complete a donation, the charity will send you an email with a receipt for your donation.

You can also view your donations by visiting the Order History tab within your Twitter settings on