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In-Tweet purchases on Twitter

Making a purchase on Twitter

How do I make a purchase on Twitter?

Items for certain sellers will be available for purchase within your Twitter timeline. The products that are available for purchase will include a Buy button within the Tweet.

To make a purchase:

  • Tap the Buy button within the Tweet
  • You’ll be brought an expanded description and image of the product. Choose your variant, e.g. size and color (if applicable) and tap Buy Now
  • Enter your billing and shipping information
  • Tap Confirm purchase
  • That’s it! We’ll send your order to the seller who will reach out directly with shipping and support information for your order.
Note: In-Tweet purchasing is currently only available for users in the United States using Twitter for iPhone or Twitter for Android apps.

Is sales tax charged on purchased goods?

Where applicable, users are charged sales tax. Sales tax will be estimated and displayed at time of checkout. The total amount charged will include sales tax and will be listed on your purchase confirmation email.

Who delivers the product that I purchased?

The seller of the product will deliver your items to the shipping address that you provided. Following your purchase, the seller will send you an email that includes more information on shipping and support.

Is the information I submit to make purchases on Twitter secure?

We carefully protect the personal information you provide to make a purchase on Twitter. Your payment information is encrypted and stored securely. Your credit card information isn’t shared with the seller without your permission. For more information, you can review our Privacy Policy.

We do share information with the seller necessary to fulfill your order, including your name, shipping address and email address. The seller may use this information to send you marketing communications. Check the seller’s privacy policy for more details.

Will my credit card information be stored?

Your credit card information will be encrypted and safely stored, so you’re able to easily make purchases on Twitter in the future. You can remove this information from your profile anytime you’d like.

To remove your credit card information from your profile, visit the Cards and Shipping tab within your Twitter settings.

Will my purchase be seen by others on Twitter?

Your purchase will not be displayed on your timeline or your profile. If you want to share your purchase on Twitter, you can always Tweet about your purchase or Retweet the original product Tweet.

Managing your purchases

Where can I find an order confirmation for my purchase?

Once you complete a purchase, Twitter will send you an email to confirm that your order has been sent to the seller. The seller will also send you an email with more details about your order including shipping and support information.

You can also view your purchases by visiting the Order History tab within your Twitter settings on

When will I receive the items I’ve purchased?

Please refer to the confirmation email and the seller’s website for information on when you will receive your item.

Who should I contact regarding returns and refunds?

The seller will handle all customer service inquiries, including returns, exchanges and refunds.

For more information on your order, please contact the seller. You can find the seller’s contact information within the purchase confirmation email sent by the seller, as well as the order confirmation email sent by Twitter. You can also find the seller’s information in the Order History tab within your Twitter settings. If further help is needed, please submit a help request here.