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Receiving recommendations from Twitter

@MagicRecs is a Twitter account that sends personalized recommendations as Direct Messages when something interesting happens in your network. For example, if a Tweet is favorited or Retweeted by a number of accounts you follow, @MagicRecs will send you a Direct Message with a link to the Tweet. Learn more.

To start receiving recommendations, all you have to do is follow the @MagicRecs account. If you wish to stop receiving @MegicRecs recommendations, simply unfollow the account.

Receiving recommendations as push notifications

If you’ve downloaded the Twitter for Android or iOS apps, you also have the ability to receive recommendations as push notifications sent to your device. Please note that this setting is enabled by default.

To enable or disable push recommendations:

  1. Go to your Settings.
  2. Tap the account you'd like to adjust.
  3. If using Twitter for Android, tap Notifications. If using Twitter for iOS, skip to the next step. 
  4. Next to Recommendations, select the option to turn it on or off.