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Twitter Ads Policies

This policy applies to Twitter’s paid advertising products, which are Tweets, trends and accounts marked with a yellow or purple badge.

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This article describes the processes and principles that Twitter follows when removing advertisers from the Twitter Ads platform. We call this process “offboarding”, and we strive to make it as transparent and seamless as possible for everyone involved.

Why Twitter offboards advertisers

Twitter offboards advertisers when they use the Twitter Ads platform in a way that violates our policies. We encourage advertisers to be familiar with all our policies. Our policies include Twitter’s Ads Policies, available at twitter.com/adspolicy, the Twitter Rules, available at twitter.com/rules, and the Twitter Terms of Service, available at twitter.com/tos.

How Twitter offboards advertisers

When offboarding an account, Twitter halts all active Twitter Ads campaigns and prevents any further Twitter Ads campaigns from serving. Before doing so, when possible, Twitter may send an email message to an advertiser outlining the violation, along with any available steps to correct it. For more serious violations, we may immediately offboard an account without prior notification.

What offboarding does

Offboarded accounts are no longer able to promote their Tweets or Account on Twitter using Twitter’s Ads products.

Note: Being offboarded from Twitter Ads is not the same as being suspended from Twitter. It only applies to paid advertising. However, accounts that are offboarded may also be suspended from the service entirely if they violate the Twitter’s Terms of Service or Twitter Rules.

What to do if your account is offboarded

If your account is offboarded, you may not create new advertising accounts. If you need to contact Twitter after being offboarded, you should contact Twitter’s Advertising support team through the link that you see when you try to access ads.twitter.com, and not through our other channels. This helps us easily match your report to the ads account in question.

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Contact Twitter

If you have a question about this content and are an advertiser, please contact our support agents directly by signing in to ads.twitter.com and clicking the “Need Help” text in the top navigation bar.



Please contact us through this channel so that we can easily match your report to the ads account in question.

If you are not an advertiser and need to bring to our attention ads that are potentially violating these policies, you can use our Help Center forms to Report an Ad.

If you are interested in advertising on Twitter and want to learn more, please visit business.twitter.com.