Adult or sexual products and services

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Twitter Ads Policies

This policy applies to Twitter’s paid advertising products, which are Tweets, trends and accounts marked with a yellow or purple badge.

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What's the policy?

Twitter prohibits the promotion of adult or sexual products and services globally. 

What products or services are subject to this policy?

This policy applies, but is not limited, to: 

  • Pornography, including internet pornography and magazines, books and films
  • Prostitution and intimate companionship services, such as escorts or call girls
  • Full and partial nudity, as well as sexual content, in images, video or language
  • Modeled clothing (such as lingerie) that is sexual in nature
  • Dating sites with sexually explicit themes, language or images
  • Intimate and erotic massage services
  • Sexual aids and toys
  • Contraceptives

    What products or services are not subject to this policy?

    This policy generally does not apply to:

    • Safer sex education, HIV/STD awareness campaigns, provided the ads:
      • do not contain sexual content
      • do not link to sexual content, or the above prohibited products and services
    • Dating and marriage services, provided the service
      • is not sexual
      • does not reference or endorse prostitution or other illegal activity
      • is clearly directed to adults
    • Modeled clothing (such as lingerie) that is not sexual in nature
    • Nude fine art
    • Content about breastfeeding
    • Medical drawings
    • News and information related to sex and sexuality that is not sexual in nature

      How does this policy vary from country to country?

      To determine the policy for your product or service and the country or countries you wish to target, see the country-specific information below. Unless listed below, the promotion of adult and sexual products and services is prohibited.


      Advertisements for condoms are permitted only when targeting the countries below, provided the ads:

      • comply with all local laws
      • comply with all other ads policies, including other portions of this policy
      • do not contain or link to any sexual content
      Africa & Middle East   Asia Pacific Europe Latin America   North America
      Australia France Brazil Canada
      New Zealand   Germany U.S.
      UK & jurisdictions  


      What do advertisers need to know about this policy?

      Review our guidelines and make sure you understand the requirements for your brand and business. You are responsible for all your promoted content on Twitter. This includes complying with applicable laws and regulations regarding advertisements.

      What other Twitter resources relate to this policy?

      Contact Twitter

      If you have a question about this content and are an advertiser, please contact our support agents directly by signing in to and clicking the “Help” text in the top navigation bar.

      If you are an advertiser whose account or tweets are currently under review and you would like to check on the status or request an expedited review, please contact our Support Team via the "Help" button in your Twitter Ads page and a specialist will take a look.


      Please contact us through this channel so that we can easily match your report to the ads account in question.

      If you are not an advertiser and need to bring to our attention ads that are potentially violating these policies, you can use our Help Center forms to Report an Ad.

      If you are interested in advertising on Twitter and want to learn more, please visit