FAQs about Vine

What do I do if my post failed to upload?

If your video fails to post, try refreshing first. If the post continues to fail, you will need to remove this post from the upload queue in order to upload a new video. You can cancel the upload by swiping on the failed upload and tapping the red “X.” video should still be accessible via your device’s photo or video library. However, you will not be able to upload the video to Vine once you’ve canceled the upload, as there is currently no way to upload a video from your device’s photo or video library.

How do I block someone from following me?

To block an account from following you, simply navigate to that account’s profile and tap the button with three dots at the right of the top menu bar and select “Block this person.” Blocking an account will prevent the user from following you and viewing your profile, but they will still be able to view and comment on your videos that appear in popular results for search tags.

How do I get a Verification badge on Vine?

Vine accounts are automatically verified if they are connected to a verified Twitter account. If you have a verified Twitter account, just add the Twitter account to your Vine account. Once you've added the account, sign out of your Vine account and sign back in using your verified Twitter account.

Please note that Twitter does not accept general requests for verification. Learn more.

How can I use the Vine logo?

See vine.co/logo

How can I display videos from Vine in broadcast or offline?

See vine.co/logo

How do I report a post on Vine?

If you come across an offensive post on Vine, you can report the post by tapping the button with three dots at the bottom of the post (below the comments) and selecting “Report this post.”

What is Popular Now and how does it work?

Popular Now is a place for outstanding Vine videos to shine. We have a special formula in place to fill Popular Now with a variety of content that appeals to a wide audience.

Popular Now doesn’t favor any particular user or genre of content. There are systems in place to ensure even users without a large number of followers have a chance to be featured. However, it is not a place for content that violates our rules or terms of service.

Additionally, Popular Now strives to highlight original content created by the community. Being featured on Popular Now is not dependent on the amount of likes, comments or re-vines a post receives.

We’re constantly working to make the Popular Now formula better. If your video is featured on Popular Now and you would like it removed, please contact vinehelp@vineapp.com.

What are loops?

Vine videos play over and over again. Each time a Vine video plays through once, that is called a loop. In addition to views from within the Vine app, loop totals include views from Tweets as well as views from embedded Vines. You can view loop counts in our iOS and Android apps, as well as on vine.co.

Do loop counts impact Popular Now?

No, loop counts do not impact Popular Now. For more information on Popular Now please see this article.

What does the “+” next to a loop count mean?

We started tracking loops on April 3, 2014. For Vines created on or before this date, the loop count only captures loops since that date. So, those Vines have a “+” next to the loop count, indicating that the actual loop count may be higher.

Why is my loop count fluctuating?

We strive to show accurate loop counts, and we have systems in place to help us do this -- for example, by mediating potential loop count abuse and removing spam. As a result, it might be that loop counts fluctuate from time to time.

Will my profile loop count change If I delete a Vine video?

No, the loop count on your profile is an aggregate of all your Vine videos’ loop counts. Deleting a Vine video does not change the loop count on your profile

Do you prevent the loop count metric from being unfairly gamed?

Yes. We have systems in place to ensure the integrity of loop counts and prevent the number from being boosted with spammy tactics. For example, loops are only counted if a Vine is looping while it's visible in a browser window or on a mobile screen.

What is the flame icon?

If a Vine has a flame icon, that means it is "on fire", or being looped at a high rate. Timing is not a factor -- these posts may have been created recently or it could be an older Vine that has resurfaced and is being watched a lot.

How do I contact Support?

You can contact us if you need help logging in or signing up, reporting a bug, requesting a new feature, or reporting abusive behavior. Please see this page for contact information regarding other inquiries.