What are Political Ads?

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What are Political Ads?

  • Political Ads are advertising campaigns purchased by political advertisers in order to reach a wider audience or engage current followers on Twitter. These ads may include Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts, or Promoted Trends.
  • Political Ads function in the exact same way as campaigns run by other advertisers on Twitter.

How can I tell if I’m seeing a Political Ad?

  • Like other ads on Twitter, Political Ads are clearly labeled as Promoted with a Promoted icon and information about who has purchased the Ad.
  • You can tell if a Promoted Tweet, Account, or Trend on Twitter is a Political Ad by the purple Promoted icon that appears below or next to the advertisement.
  • Hovering or mousing over the “Promoted by...” text to the right of the Promoted icon will display a bubble showing what organization paid for the advertising campaign. Users accessing Twitter from a mobile device or official Twitter app will not be able to hover over Political Ads. However, the advertising account’s Twitter profile will include a link to a website with more information about the organization.

Who can run Political Ad campaigns?

  • Political Ads are run by candidates and their political committees who are advocating for the election or defeat of a candidate for public office.
  • We currently only offer Political Ads to political advertisers within the United States.

What are the policies for political ads?

As with all advertisers, political campaigns are responsible for all their promoted content, which includes complying with applicable laws and regulations regarding online advertisements. Political ads must also comply with all Promoted Products policies, and Twitter is responsive to complaints about violations of policy. In particular, political ads may not promote hate or “anti” concepts or speech, or advocate against an individual or protected group. Please note that standard political discourse, such as promoting an issue, advocating against a candidate’s stance, or general advocacy against a candidate’s election, may be acceptable and is generally not considered hate speech.

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