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About user media galleries

User galleries on aggregate the photos and videos you've uploaded with your Tweets into one place.

Note: If you don't see your photos or videos hosted by third-party services in your user gallery or in your Tweets, it means we don't currently support displaying media for that particular service.

What are the technical limitations of user galleries?

  • User galleries will display the most recent photos and videos in your Tweets, in chronological order.
  • Photos in Tweets will not be displayed if the Tweet was sent before January 1, 2010.

How do I navigate user galleries?

  • User galleries can be found on an individual user's profile page. Click on Photos/Videos, below the user’s header image, to view that user’s media gallery.

How do I remove a photo or video?

  • Delete the Tweet that contains the photo or video; it should then be removed from your timeline and your user gallery.  
  • If you delete a Tweet containing a photo or video hosted by a third-party service, it will also be removed from your user gallery. If you'd like the photo or video to be removed from the third-party service, you'll need to sign in and delete it there as well.
Note: If you copy and paste the URL of someone else's photo into your Tweet (we call this a manual retweet), that person's photo will then appear in your user gallery. The photo will not appear in your user gallery if you use the official retweet button.

Why are some photos black?

Some photos will appear black if our content partner's servers are overloaded. Be patient, they'll return shortly!

Having trouble?

Check out our Tweet & DM troubleshooting section for solutions to common problems.